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When Is It Worth Devoting Yourself to Earning Your MBA Full-Time?

by February 16, 2017 education

With online degrees making earning an MBA more accessible than ever, many professionals who had previously considered what it would take to quit working and focus on earning an MBA full-time are wondering if that’s indeed the path they should take. There are some circumstances when becoming a full-time student again might prove a beneficial opportunity, although if you don’t meet these criteria, it in no way means you should give up on pursuing an MBA.

When You Have a Very Specialized Program in Mind

If you don’t think online MBA programs offer enough variety to tempt you,check this out. There are MBAs with all sorts of specializations, as well as graduate programs in other academic subjects entirely. However, if you have a specific specialized program in mind that you have your heart set on and it only takes full-time enrollment, it might be worth considering. Keep in mind that many MBA classes are held at night, so you could still devote your days to another line of work. Online programs are so flexible, you could even work in the evenings when on-campus classes are typically held and complete your coursework at the time most convenient to you.

When You Have Enough Saved—or a “Sponsor” of Sorts

You’ll still have living expenses when enrolled in graduate school full-time, and many such courses don’t allow adults of a particular age to move into a dorm to save money – if there’s even such an option to begin with. That means that before you quit your job, you’ll have to have enough saved to pay your tuition and all of your expenses for several years. Alternatively, you’ll have to have a spouse earning enough to support you both or you can move back in with your parents. It’s typically far easier for the average graduate student to keep working while attending courses online.

When You Have Trouble Focusing on More than One Thing

It takes a lot of drive to earn an MBA. If you don’t think you can juggle work life, home life, and school life, you might consider dropping one of those things – your work life – so you can focus on school. However, the beauty of an online MBA program is you can take as long as you need to finish your degree so you never take on more than you can handle.

A sizable number of MBA recipients earn their degrees entirely online. You don’t have to worry about how to manage going back to school full-time when these flexible courses make earning a degree even in a relatively short amount of time easier than ever. Give earning your online degree a try before you attempt anything as drastic as quitting a job – you can always transfer credits as necessary to another program.