Attorney Wardrobe Advice From An Image Consultant


This article explains how attorneys should dress. It focuses on suits, hairstyles, footwear, and accessories.


As we look at the legal profession we usually see men and women in suits, but few attorneys, including the most experienced, are aware of the unwritten rules covering their most prized outfit, the business suit. As image consultants we look beyond the surface and can tell you that your suit needs to be in earth tones, tailored neatly, and made of wool or a wool blend, except in the summer when Belgian cotton is acceptable.

Men often forget to have a second fitting. Demand one. Women usually neglect to have their jackets tailored, leading to bumps and wrinkles that will cost them points in the minds of clients, colleagues, and judges. The best advice we can give you is to look at Jay Leno and observe how his suits fit. Copy that style. Shop at Brooks Brothers or other quality stores. Avoid stores that don’t have tailors on staff.


The only two shoe styles acceptable for male attorneys are black cap-toes and wingtips. No other shoes are as inoffensive and effective. Yes, F. Lee Bailey does wear boots. But he’s F. Lee Bailey.

Female attorneys often make the mistake of matching shoes to suits. This only works when your outfit is black. Female attorneys should not wear light-colored shoes. They send the wrong signals. Nor should your toes be visible. You need to wear black pumps, with heels no more than two and a half inches high.


Male attorneys need to have neat hair, trimmed around the ears. It should not be too shiny with gel. It should not have the spiky look common with college students. Judges react unfavorably to such styles.

Female attorneys can wear different hairstyles as long as their hair does not pass their shoulders. They can even wear it up in a semblance of a beehive or bouffant look, if it’s not excessive and if it’s neat.

Attorneys should have the best accessories. Luxurious leather briefcases. Gold Cross pens. Leather wallets. Movado wristwatches. Simplicity. Fine lines. No sport watches at work.

Following these suggestions will ensure that you’re at least not making major mistakes and turning off clients, colleagues, and judges.

Copyright (c) 2011 William Cane

Do You Know What’s in Your Clothes Closet – A Mature Woman’s Guide to a Wearable Wardrobe

Has your closet become a clothing cemetery? You know, a place where a beautiful blue silk dress once resided but, has now been buried amongst the clutter. In order to get the most wear out of your wardrobe, you must first know what is in your wardrobe. Here are a few easy steps for making your closet more “wearer-friendly”

1. Empty Your Closet

Have you ever moved to a new residence? As you start emptying the house and packing things up, you discover that you have more stuff than you realized. The same principle applies to your closet. Most women’s closets are jammed packed with things they have forgotten. Many of them still have the tags on. The only real way to take stock of what you own is to empty your closet and discover what’s been hiding there.

2. Sort Your Clothes By Category

Put all your dresses, suits, slacks, etc…into their own piles. Use a piece of paper to make note of what you have. For example, one black cocktail dress, two red sweaters. This list will help you with the next step, deciding what to toss.

3. Get Rid of The Excess

Once the clothes have been sorted it’s time to decide what must go. Here are a few questions you might ask yourself during this process:

a) What is out of style?

Like most mature women, I have seen many styles make a comeback. The temptation, therefore, is to keep clothes because one day they will be back in vogue. The truth is that even though styles do come back, they don’t return in the same manner. Most designers re-vamp a trend with a modern twist. Another reason to dispose of items from days gone by is because even if the style comes back, you have changed. Either the bell bottom pants you have kept for 8 years won’t fit anymore, or they will not be age appropriate.

b) Do you really like this item?

I can’t tell you how many women I know who keep things they don’t like in their closets. I don’t know, maybe they think the jacket, dress or skirt will suddenly look better, the longer it hangs in their closet. The usual excuse women give for keeping such clothes, is that they don’t want to waste money by giving the item away. The truth is money is being wasted every day the item hangs in your closet and is not worn by somebody. If you are worried about the money, take items like these to a resale or consignment store to get at least some return on your investment.

c) Does It Fit?

If you have clothes that are too large or too small, consider getting rid of them. Clothing that is too big may be altered to fit. However, if the piece of clothing is too big because you recently lost 50lbs, you are better off giving it away. Any attempts to alter it may destroy the drape or lines of the garment. Garments that are too small should be disposed of also. Avoid saving an item because it will fit when you lose weight. Your closet should only contain clothes that you can wear now.

d) Does it fit your lifestyle?

A woman’s closet should reflect her lifestyle. If you are retired, you can probably get rid of most of your business suits. Maybe you have moved from Chicago to Miami. If that is the case, your heavy wool coats and furs can most likely be consigned or donated. Whatever the lifestyle change, make sure your closet only contains clothes that are relevant to how you are living now.

5) Perform An Ongoing Audit

Once your closet has been reorganized, keep it stocked with only wearable garments by conducting an ongoing audit. One simple way to accomplish this is every time you wear something, hang it backwards in the closet. At the end of the month, survey the clothes that are still hanging in the forward position. These are the ones that have not been worn and may need to be donated or trashed.

Wardrobe Essentials – Women’s and Girl’s FASHION Guide

As the seasons change again, we think that it is important that we help you decide what to buy in upcoming sales if you don’t already own them. These are things that should be in your wardrobe, they don’t have to be expensive per say, but they are necessary if you take yourself as a fashionista. From scarves to belts and from dresses to bags whatever is needed should be there along with these essentials.

Here is the list of wardrobe essentials:

1. Dark Denim

Jeans are a must in any wardrobe, especially the dark ones. They work with any color or shirts, tee-shirts, blouses and also with any type of footwear. The best option is to go for skinny fit but you can choose boyfriend jeans or a straight fit as well. Add a belt to it and you are good to go.

2. Perfect White Tee

This is an essential according to every fashion expert in the world a plain white tee is whatever material you like is a choice you cannot go wrong with. You can go for a V-neck or a crew neck and pair it up with jeans, shorts, skirts whatever you like. They are comfortable and the perfect summer look, you can add a jacket on it if it’s a little chilly.

3. Flats

Well you have to walk right and for that what is better than flats. Now, there is a huge range of flats, it’s good to own a pair of ballet flats, a pair of studded flat sandals, a pair of flat boots whatever length you like and a pair of sporty beach slippers so that you are ready for absolutely any look.

4. Silk Blouse

This elevates your look can be paired with formal trousers and skirts or even with jeans. An embellished or metallic belt adds a jazzy touch to the look as well.

5. Black Dress

It does not have to be a little black dress always. It can be a midi or a knee length dress as well; it just has to be black. It can be plain with a cut design or have embellishments on it; that is up to you and your fashion style. Add a metallic belt to the dress of different size and make the dress go up a notch.

6. Leather Handbag

Leather is sophisticated and classy, so have a perfectly made leather handbag. It can be a messenger bag, a clutch, tote basically anything you need or like, it just has to be a leather one. The basic colors of brown as the best option and they can have prints on it as well.

7. Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is not just for the bikers and the tough gang. It is the perfect companion to your summer look be it jeans or a dress with boots and stockings. A leather jacket can be plain or have embellishments. Go for the classic shades of black and brown as they are universal and look perfect on anyone and on anything except for maybe cocktail dresses.

8. Striped Shirt

A stripped shirt is the perfect formal look that can be taken casual as well. It does look good with trousers and skirts but can also be paired with jeans and gives a formal yet laid back look. The color combination and type of stripes is completely on you and so is what you want to pair it with

9. Tailored Blazer

If you want to attain the perfect formal, business look, a well tailored blazer is a must. Go for solid colors like black, navy blue, grey, white before you go for bolder colors. It can be worn to work or business dinners and can be paired with trousers, skirts and dresses. You can add a leather handbag to complete the look.

10. Heels

As a woman, heels are a must in the wardrobe. They are classy and fun at the same time. There is a huge range of heels to choose from and if possible own one of each type. If not own the classic like pumps, stilettos and wedges to begin with. Heels go with literally anything you wear from jeans to shorts to skirts and dresses. The colors and patterns available are amazing so just own some.

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