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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: A Man of Many Acts

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: A Man of Many Acts

by June 29, 2017 business

There are many talented individuals who grace us with their presence on a daily basis. Isn’t it strange how the most spiritually giving people on the planet never receive the credit that’s due? On the other hand, people who tend to do absolutely nothing for man kind, always seem to get the praise. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in, but this article is written to shed some light on a very talented person. This person is known as Pastor Chris¬†Oyakhilome, and he uses God’s gifts to better society. This Nigerian pastor has helped millions of people experience a more purposeful life. He’s the head man in charge at the Christ Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria. This is one of the most influential, progressive and popular church institutions in the world today. There are literally well over 1 million members that span across multiple continents. The church and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a winning combination and this is why.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the Christ Embassy does it all for it’s many followers, which includes healing crusades, massive teachings and spiritual intervention. Followers come from different lands just to experience the unique touch of these spiritual awakenings. The church’s events are on another level and it’s “Night of bliss and Higher Life” conferences have been known to host upward of 3.5 million individuals in a single night. Chris Oyakhilome is the real deal when it comes to spreading God’s word, and his 24-Hour Christian Network pumps this wonderful information out to the masses on a daily basis. This audience friendly mission can’t be denied, and the network’s success has reached the millions of households worldwide. Did you know that this guy is a spiritual healer, television host, has a PhD and is a best selling author? His best seller, “Rhapsody of Realities,” is one of the top bible study guides on the planet, and it comes in numerous languages such as Icelandic, Hindi, French, Swahili, Spanish, Russian, German, Myanmar, Arabic, Croatian and others. This knowledge comes from over 25 years of anointed ministry. The Christ Embassy is on another level as it offers the renowned Healing School and Inner City Mission for disadvantaged children.

Big things are already in the works for the summer of 2017. For those who follow, or are one of the many members of this miraculous place, Love World USA is about to take these balanced teachings up a notch. This television network will be America’s very own as it will lay claim to a percentage of the already huge Christian Network. Now individuals can get their daily dose of spiritual healing and positive thinking. Thanks to the help of Pastor Benny Hinn, this television channel will reach a more untapped market with the power of God’s word. All in all, this only scratches the surface of what Pastor ChrisOyakhilome has done. With so many new interventions in the works, the sky is the limit. Better yet, the limit is the sky.