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How to Build Up Bodily Power in Rugby Training

How to Build Up Bodily Power in Rugby Training

by June 30, 2017 sports

Professional rugby players are supreme athletes. They possess a potent combination of strength, power and stamina.

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Power is essentially the product of strength and speed courtesy of a specific movement. In rugby, these movements include throwing, jumping and pushing and exert a lateral force. To establish power for a rugby player, you should focus on exercises that impact multiple muscle groups. The key throughout is to increase your ability to create power.

Power training should not result in any decrease in performance or extreme fatigue. If experiencing pain, you should stop immediately, as continuing despite this will leave you considerably more vulnerable to injury.

It is important to realise that power training is a regime for experienced gym-goers and not for novices. Many of the most commonly used power-building exercises require considerable existing muscular strength. The ability to closely follow instructions and use the correct technique is essential.

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Individual Power Training – Top Seven Exercises

1. Single Arm Barbell Push Press

This exercise is excellent for increasing your pushing power in the shoulder, which would help in a game situation when pushing opponents and fending off tackles.

2. Box Squats

This a great exercise for improving your power tackling as well as your sprinting abilities, as it works on your quads, hamstrings and glutes.

3. Single Leg Box Jump

This targeted rugby drill can increase the hip’s ability to confer force into the ground when only using one leg.

4. Clap Press-up

This unique and visually impressive press-up helps to condition and develop your shoulders and chest – building your explosive power movements.

5. Medicine Ball Slam

The medicine ball slam is a surprisingly tough exercise. Do make sure that the floor of your gym can absorb the impact of a medicine ball! This exercise helps to strengthen your shoulders, hips and back.

6. Face Pull

This dynamic yet simple exercise is great for increasing strength in the rear parts of the shoulder and the forearms.

7. Kettlebell High Pull

This multi-functional exercise is great for building up power in the legs, glutes and shoulders.