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A Beginners Guide To Lawyers

A Beginners Guide To Lawyers

by June 12, 2017 Pets & Animals

Possibly Regrettable Errors a Car Accident Victim Shouldn’t Make

Car accidents can happen extremely fast, sometimes with lots of damage and suffering sustained in seconds. No matter who is to blame for the incident, the instant impact is normally apprehension, exposing you to the possibility of bad choices that you may regret in future.

Read on for some mistakes to avoid if involved in a vehicle accident, no matter who between you and the other driver is at fault:

Admit Liability
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Never admit liability for a car accident, unless your attorney advises so. No matter how insistent the other driver’s insurance company is, just don’t say you think you may be to blame. This does not make you inconsiderate–you’re only trying to steer clear of potential dire repercussions for liability, such as wrongful death suits if the accident killed someone. Ok, maybe you’re feeling some guilt because you were texting and not focused exactly the time the accident happened, but what if the other driver is also at fault, and maybe was speeding or driving on the wrong lane?
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Negotiate With the Other Party’s Insurer Without Legal Counsel

It’s in your best interests not to say anything to the other party’s insurer unless through your personal injury attorney. Frankly, the other driver’s insurer is not focused on your best interests, even when they’re not breaking the law in side-stepping your counsel when coming to you. Happily for you, the law does not need you to say anything to them. Therefore, ensure you’re in communication with your personal injury attorney as swiftly as practical and request them to start safeguarding your concerns going forward.

Flee the Scene of Accident

It’s criminal to escape a scene of accident that has resulted in someone’s injury or death. No matter if you believe you’re responsible or not, hold on and exchange information with the victim or property owner, and don’t make a serious case any worse that it currently is.

Fail to Obtain Evidence From the Scene

Certainly, your medication and health come first based on how severely you’re injured in an auto accident. But if you can, take photos of the accident scene and talk to witnesses before leaving. Any uninjured passengers or even your attorney (if they may come there swiftly), could also help collect any evidence that later back your claims.

Your attorney can rely on the information they receive from witnesses when assessing the issue of fault. It also helps to review the police report as it may confirm what you’re saying about the accident.

If involved in a vehicle accident, avoid anxiety as well as any decision that may hurt your interests. But if not sure about what to do, just contact a personal injury lawyer.