Wedge Shoes – A Guide

Wedge shoes are surely one of the more unique varieties of women’s footwear on the market today. It is the perfect answer to painful high heels. This is because wedges are some of the most comfortable types of shoes for women, owing to the design of the sole. Wedge shoes are one of the hottest selling styles of footwear today and many have been getting on the bandwagon.

When it come to classic sex appeal wrapped up in a shoe, there hasn’t been a valid challenge to the basic high heel for decades, until now. This is because of the inherent disadvantages that high heels bring to the table. It’s no denying that high heels add a spring to your step, elongate the length of your legs and add an air of sex appeal to the entire outfit but there are health risks with these shoes.

The feet are battered after wearing it for a long period of time. The weight of your body is distributed to the front of the feet because the thin heels are unable to bear all the weight. This is where wedge shoes offer the perfect solution. They give you the same amount of elevation without any of the discomfort. All the weight bearing down on the foot is distributed evenly throughout the sole. This is because the entire length of the wedge sole has contact with the surface.

Casual Chic

There are times when high heels are too “loud” for occasions, especially casual events. Wedge shoes are just the thing for casual occasions. In fact, it’s their area of expertise. It comes off as stylish and chic without any danger of overdressing.

Wedge Shoes For The Seasons

Wedge shoes can be worn for during any season. This is because they are versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of styles and materials. Boots and bootie wedges are perfect for winter and fall. They protect your feet from the cold and can be paired with your favorite coat while still being effortlessly fashionable. No worries about walking on snow either as there are special patterns on the sole on all types of winter wedges. For summer, wedge sandals are equally fashionable. There are even thong sandals for beach wear or a picnic at the park. Pair your floral dress with cork or canvas wedges and stand out from a crowd.


Although there are some modern designs that are simply too risqué for a regular gal to wear out on the streets, these designs are firmly within the echelons of high fashion. Shoes are so much fun when they are artistic rather than utilitarian. You can wear them with dresses, skirts and even a great pair of trousers or jeans.

They not considered good choices for formal wear however. For that reason, you generally won’t find women wearing them for occasions which include prom nights and weddings. However, if you’re looking for trendy yet comfortable shoes for social or casual occasions, wedge shoes offer some of the best combinations between comfort and modern day styling.

New York City Model’s Favorite Bars and Restaurants

Manhattan is a magnet for fashion and those that orbit the many areas of the industry, designers, artists, fabric mongers and agents. Not least of which include the most visible part: the ever-desirable fashion model. Uptown, downtown and all around the town you find those leggy, ever younger men and women with the moldable gaze and “come hither, I’m aloof” look. Towering young beauties from the heartland of America.

When in New York, people watching are part of the sport of heading out to the bars, clubs, restaurants and the trendier “speakeasy”. Those seeking a prime view of high cheekbones and the celebrities who seek the same, here is our choice of the best NYC bars for fashion model spotting before, during and after fashion week in Manhattan.

The Red Egg, New York

Red Egg is a modern take of the traditional Chinese teahouse and at the intersection of Chinatown, Nolita and SoHo promotes the hip diversity that attracts the beautiful people. There are some spots tucked in and out of Chinatown that has become rather hot for the youthful hip, so it is no surprise that models flock to Red Egg considering its location. Red Egg started hosting dance nights during Fashion Week, which has attracted models, designers and editors alike. Friday and Saturday the DJs play anything from Nineties R&B to British punk. Red Egg, 202 Centre Street, New York, 10013-3613

The London Bar at The London NYC

The London NYC is a rather stylish hotel in the heart of New York’s Midtown. The bar is wonderful and populated by Manhattan’s elite including models during Fashion Week. Consistently awarded two Michelin stars, if its food you want after a couple drinks, chef de cuisine Markus Glocker provides a not to be forgotten dining experience set within The London NYC. It’s intimate as well. Offering only forty-five seats, designer David Collins has created the perfect intimate ambiance for any special moment or occasion. Consistently awarded two Michelin stars. The London Bar 151 W. 54th St. New York City, NY

Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar

What better way to see Manhattan than from a lofty perch surrounded by beautiful people? Celebrating Fashion Week’s return, the Empire Hotel rooftop bar located on the 12th floor offers impressive views of Lincoln Center as well as the Broadway & Columbus Avenue. Sip in style with the Empire’s unique “Don’t Feed The Models” martini. A delicious thinning martini using organic cucumber vodka, cucumber juice, lime juice, simple syrup and mint. The Empire Hotel has even partnered with Moises de la Renta (son of Oscar de la Renta) to custom design a signature dress for the hotel’s “Fashion Week Ambassadors. Empire Hotel 44 W. 63rd St. NY, NY


This dimly lit East Village hideaway is too “now” to have a website (and the first rule of a modern day speakeasy) and yet reservations would be smart. Elsa is the place where models appear and hanger-ons do too. Elsa 217 East 3rd Street New York, New York 10009

The Cabin Down Below

Sort of easy, and most definitely fun to find (under a pizza shop) close to 7th and Avenue A and crammed with people, The Cabin Down Below rewards all efforts. Great for drinking and celeb watching. The Cabin Below 132 East 7th Street, NYC 10009

The Standard Hotel: The Boom Boom Room, Living Room and Biergarten

The Standard has the market on celebrity entertainment. Here you have a trifecta of good times and people watching with the popular Boom Boom Room, The Living Room and for a kitschy taste of Bavaria, The Biergarten.

The Boom Boom Room sits on top of the hotel delivers opulence, cushy leather, hot tub action, expensive drinks and meatpacking views. Ever popular with celebrities and models, it may be difficult for the middle class to get in. Once there enjoy the view. Adjacent to The Standard, New York hotel lobby is The Living Room, a comfortably modish lounge overlooking the grand plaza and serves small Mediterranean plates, carafes of wine and cocktails with lightly throbbing dj spins most nights. Not enough to drink? If the popular Boom Boom is impossible to get in you can always try the Standard’s Biergarten. Germany Hofbrau underneath the High Line, featuring ever flowing steins, girls in lederhosen and a classic German menu complete with sausages, bratwurst mit brot and maybe even spaetzle.

A Guide for Wedding Guests: Choosing the Perfect Outfit to a Wedding

When an invitation card is delivered to a guest, it is typical for the person to be overwhelmed. Usually, dresses for wedding guests are clothes that can be overwhelming to pick since there are so many of them.

The season and the place where the wedding will be held are two important factors you have to consider. For example, wearing a dress with bright colors and floral ornaments is perfect for the summer season.

The motif of the wedding should be followed as well. There are some invitation cards which will indicate the exact attire you should wear. What’s significant is that you have to meet the standards or follow the specifications expected.

If it’s an informal wedding and will take place in the morning, women can opt for short dresses. Cocktail dresses are preferable if it’s an evening ceremony.

For semi- formal weddings, short or cocktail dresses are still acceptable. Nevertheless if it’s formal attire and the wedding would be during daytime, then it is your prerogative if you want to wear gloves or a hat.

For formal and evening weddings, there are many choices that a woman can pick. She can go for a long dress or something short and fashionable. Additionally, wraps are also perfect to use during evening weddings. Jewellery or other ornaments are excellent choices as well.

For men, wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans are acceptable for daytime and informal weddings. They can wear a suit if the event is taking place at night.

For formal weddings, men are recommended to wear a dark suit with a tie if the wedding is in the morning. On the other hand, formal and evening weddings work best if a man wears a tuxedo accompanied with a black tie.

If the wedding is strictly formal, men should always wear a vest with a t-shirt together with a white tie.

While men are allowed to wear something that is white, it would be inappropriate for women to do the same since white should only be used for the bridal dress. Women should also avoid using black in the daytime. However, women should make sure that their dress looks truly effeminate.

Men should wear dark suit if the wedding is taking place after 6 PM minus the dark tie. Finally no matter how formal it is, a tuxedo should never be worn on daytime weddings.

Wearing dresses for wedding guests is really not that simple. But with enough research and considering various factors, it is always possible to wear something that is ideal for the event.